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On Tuesday I finally got all the programs installed on my computer that I need to do my job effectively! YAY! Now I just need something to do!

Last week there were all these files to work on, but they were all due by Monday or Tuesday. By the time I got my programs installed Tuesday afternoon, most of the work had been done. Since then, there hasn't been much of anything, just a few 1-page files to work with.

Most of this week has been me working on a new project called Austin Independent Winter Guard, an all-age guard "family" I'm trying to put together in the Austin area. I've received some response so far, and I'm hoping to receive more. There's a meeting this weekend for our local guard circuit, and hopefully I'll drum up some interest there.

I've even made up some business cards to hand out. I just need to get some business card paper and print them out. I'll do that today and take them to the meeting. :-D I hope this gets off the grou…


I just feel blah lately.

Anyone reading this? Cheer me up, please!? :-)

Two Worlds Collide

I am being BEGGED to work as a teacher at the school where I instruct color guard. However, all this begging is coming from the band director. At this point, I haven't heard anything from the principal or the human resources director, who have ultimate say in whether or not I'm hired. I've filled out all my applications and paperwork (before I was gone from my previous job), but have heard nothing.

Of course, in the meantime, I have this new job....but it's really not much fun or very interesting. There are some really nice people working here. I enjoy talking to them. However, I would like to do some actual work. Unfortunately, my computer does not have all the programs I need to do my work. I have put in requests (through IT and through my supervisor) to get these programs installed, but so far nothing is happening. They can install these programs remotely, but I haven't heard anything yet, and it's been over a week! At least send an email that the requ…