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Unemployed and BORED!

So, I don't remember if I posted this before-- I probably did-- but the company where I was working and really enjoying what I was doing was sold in December. Well, as of March 7, I have been "laid off" as a "redundancy" meaning the new company already had enough people doing the same job as me.

Since then, I've been looking for jobs. Now, I don't have to pound the pavement, but my fingers are sore from typing so many emails to companies! At least I've completed my resume pretty accurately and completely, (I hope). Today alone I've applied for 3 jobs, and received one phone call for an interview next week.

I also attended a career fair yesterday at the local university. Surprisingly, there weren't many opportunities available for someone with my experience. Many of the positions were internships and/or entry level type positions. I still took names, emails, flyers, pamphlets, and business cards, etc, because you never know, right!? Netw…

South By Southwest begins

I live in Austin TX. This is my 2nd year in this city/town (to me, it's way too small to be a city, but according to population it is one). Last year I kept hearing about this thing called South by Southwest, which I didn't really understand, but basically breaks down this way:

Sunday-Wednesday: Film and Electronics festival== showings of unreleased films, peaks at yet-to-be-released video games.

Wednesday-Saturday: MUSIC -- live concerts in small venues. Some big names, but mostly unsigned or "close to being forgotten" bands.

There is some overlap of course, as we went out on Monday night and some of the bands had already begun arriving to play at local bars. And of course, the movies will continue playing throughout the week.

Anyway, today we went downtown to watch Sarah Bareilles (Love Song) for free at a local record store. There was a fairly large crowd-- so large they had to stop people from trying to come in during the concert. Here she is live on Colin Fer…

Two endings...

It's the final month of indoor guard season for my regional A guard. We've received a lot of positive feedback from the judges and from people who have seen the show, and I think the girls really appreciate that.

Unfortunately, 2 girls quit and 1 girl was sent to alternative school last week, so our last show was performed with 3 holes, which didn't help the show look as pretty as it should. However we finished the show on Tuesday and even with the holes still ended up in 8th place (out of 13) and won equipment! Woot! This week we go back to adjust the major problems caused by the missing people. Luckily, we have found 1 replacement and may be getting another one after spring break (in 2 weeks). So, although the season is winding down, there's a lot to still get done.

I was informed last week that my current position as an editor was being eliminated due to downsizing and reduced work flow. That sucks! But, it's another opportunity for me to try something new.…