South By Southwest begins

I live in Austin TX. This is my 2nd year in this city/town (to me, it's way too small to be a city, but according to population it is one). Last year I kept hearing about this thing called South by Southwest, which I didn't really understand, but basically breaks down this way:

Sunday-Wednesday: Film and Electronics festival== showings of unreleased films, peaks at yet-to-be-released video games.

Wednesday-Saturday: MUSIC -- live concerts in small venues. Some big names, but mostly unsigned or "close to being forgotten" bands.

There is some overlap of course, as we went out on Monday night and some of the bands had already begun arriving to play at local bars. And of course, the movies will continue playing throughout the week.

Anyway, today we went downtown to watch Sarah Bareilles (Love Song) for free at a local record store. There was a fairly large crowd-- so large they had to stop people from trying to come in during the concert. Here she is live on Colin Ferguson's show. In my opinion she sounded better today (piano/keyboards, an acoustic guitarist and a drummer), but this is a good idea of her style of music:

I can't wait to go back tomorrow to see Carbon/Silicon (Mick Jones from The Clash and Tony James of Generation X) and Half Japanese. Judy will be at some other thing with a friend of hers, and then on Saturday I'll be at a free concert to watch Ice Cube (of NWA fame) while she goes to watch Rachel Ray do something somewhere. Then we'll meet up and cruise 6th Street or the Warehouse District (4th street), which we haven't had a chance to do since we've moved here. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see one of my fave new rappers-- Dizzee Rascal, who is also playing for free at a show here somewhere.

So, yeah. It's almost as fun as Philly here sometimes! Now I just need to find a new job-- got laid off on Friday because our company was sold and my division was pretty much shut down, but it's kind of nice to chill for a week during such an interesting event.



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