a weekend without drum corps

So, this was the first weekend w/out drum corps in ...months. I did a whole lot of nothing! It was nice and relaxing, but I need something to do, so I registered for a class on grant writing. Saturday was the first class, and it was just a basic overview of what a grant is and what not to focus on when writing a grant. I learned a lot. I need to take the whole class (either part II of the class or a full semester).

Taking the class also made me think about going back to school for an MBA-- non-profit organization management. It could be interesting, and a side of business that i've thought of before.

Anyway. What else? Watched the last 4 episodes of ROME. Man, that was a good show. I'm sorry to see it gone :( Now I'm worried about Scrubs-- will it be back? !!?? I hope so!

On Friday I was asked to cut my hours down to 37.5 Still full time (so I still get benefits), but less time to get things done. Not a big deal for me right now since our next project is still being formulated. However, I got home at like 3:45, when I usually get home at 5:30. That was nice :-) I actually had some time to blog a little bit. WOOHOO!!

Oh yeah, now that dc is over, I need to set time aside to write. I need to look over ideas I've jotted down and see which one grabs me the most. Hmmm...


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