At this time on a Saturday morning I would be running around trying to organize things for one (or both) of the two performance groups located in Dallas for which I am on staff.

However, yesterday on my way home from work, I was hit by a dump truck as I was changing lanes on my drive home from work. Thankfully, I'm ok-- my back and neck are stiff and sore, but I'm going to the doctor about that. As for my car, the rear bumper was torn off, my hubcap came off and my tire on that side was shredded, and there's a big ol' dent in the rear driver-side quarter panel. Of course, I don't know much about car damage, so we'll see what is really wrong once the body shop takes a look at it. I took some pictures, and if I figure out how to save pictures from my cell phone to my computer, I may even post them.

I've never been involved in an accident before. It was quite scary and I didn't know what to do. Police came by to help us move our cars off the side of the road, then spent a little over an hour getting the story together, etc. They were very efficient.

In any case, try not to get hit by a dump truck. It's not fun, and I'm super glad it was rush hour and there was a lot of traffic and we weren't moving fast at all. If that were the case, I might not be able to type this right now! Thankfully, I am able to :-)


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