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Reflection: A New Ending, a New Beginning

My year is almost over in a few ways

1) Tomorrow I will be 3 years from the big "40"

2) 2007 is almost over

The past couple of weeks, I've been reflecting a lot on the past few years-- the years since moving from PA. I really think my life took a turn for the better once I broke up with Jen, met Judy, and bought--then sold--my house. Looking back, I see a lot of people in my life at that time going nowhere. Of the few I still keep in touch with

*two are still living at home with their parents (or returning to live with their parents)
*one is married and divorced, although much better off for it in my opinion
*one is married with a child, still living in the same house and looking to sell it for the past 4 years.
*one is working at a retail store, happily, though! and is a single parent

I wonder how I would be if I were still in the area? Miserable? Looking for something more to give my life meaning? Would I really have left everything to go back to school for my PhD? I don&…

One Week

It's been one week since

my car was hit. I have yet to get a report on the damage from my insurance company OR the body shop. My back is still a little stiff and sometimes there are some twinges of pain, but it feels much better than it did a week ago. Luckily, teaching guard requires me to do a lot of back and abdominal stretches and strengthening activities, so that helps a little bit.

Speaking of guard: my high school guard now has 45 seconds of show on the floor. They're regional A, so there's not much moving involved, but it will work. I'll add more if I think they're capable of handling it. The girls who are on sabre are loving it. I think the work is kinda simple, cheesy, but of course, they never really had sabre work before, so it's awesome to them.

I haven't seen the independent guard in about a month now. It's interesting that in that time they've had 1 entire weekend canceled, and 2 rehearsals cut several hours short. I have no i…


At this time on a Saturday morning I would be running around trying to organize things for one (or both) of the two performance groups located in Dallas for which I am on staff.

However, yesterday on my way home from work, I was hit by a dump truck as I was changing lanes on my drive home from work. Thankfully, I'm ok-- my back and neck are stiff and sore, but I'm going to the doctor about that. As for my car, the rear bumper was torn off, my hubcap came off and my tire on that side was shredded, and there's a big ol' dent in the rear driver-side quarter panel. Of course, I don't know much about car damage, so we'll see what is really wrong once the body shop takes a look at it. I took some pictures, and if I figure out how to save pictures from my cell phone to my computer, I may even post them.

I've never been involved in an accident before. It was quite scary and I didn't know what to do. Police came by to help us move our cars off the side of the …


Yup, there are tons of them in the world, and I seem to know at least 10 who just love to show how much of an idiot they are. What's worse, is they all like to hang out together and be idiots , while telling other people that they're not idiots.

I shouldn't let it bother me. I try not to, but they really irritate others who then come bitching to me about it, and that bothers me.