One Week

It's been one week since

my car was hit. I have yet to get a report on the damage from my insurance company OR the body shop. My back is still a little stiff and sometimes there are some twinges of pain, but it feels much better than it did a week ago. Luckily, teaching guard requires me to do a lot of back and abdominal stretches and strengthening activities, so that helps a little bit.

Speaking of guard: my high school guard now has 45 seconds of show on the floor. They're regional A, so there's not much moving involved, but it will work. I'll add more if I think they're capable of handling it. The girls who are on sabre are loving it. I think the work is kinda simple, cheesy, but of course, they never really had sabre work before, so it's awesome to them.

I haven't seen the independent guard in about a month now. It's interesting that in that time they've had 1 entire weekend canceled, and 2 rehearsals cut several hours short. I have no idea what that is happening, but I'm not happy with it. Of course, since it's not my guard, meh.

Speaking of "meh": my hard drive on my 4 month old MacBook crashed. Mechanical failure, I was told. Nice. I lost about 80 hours worth of work-- Guard handbooks, resumes, emails, financial info, schedules, etc. Not to mention the 40 gigs or so of music.

I still can't get my email program to work properly. I'm super pissed. Luckily I found a Firefox addon that checks all my web-based mail and notifies me if there are new messages. I will say that it was a lot more convenient having a program access those mails and save them to my computer where I could respond to them or file them. However, I always had my emails remain on the web, so at least they're archived there. Probably better off for now.

That is all. Stay tuned for more info!

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