Reflection: A New Ending, a New Beginning

My year is almost over in a few ways

1) Tomorrow I will be 3 years from the big "40"

2) 2007 is almost over

The past couple of weeks, I've been reflecting a lot on the past few years-- the years since moving from PA. I really think my life took a turn for the better once I broke up with Jen, met Judy, and bought--then sold--my house. Looking back, I see a lot of people in my life at that time going nowhere. Of the few I still keep in touch with

*two are still living at home with their parents (or returning to live with their parents)
*one is married and divorced, although much better off for it in my opinion
*one is married with a child, still living in the same house and looking to sell it for the past 4 years.
*one is working at a retail store, happily, though! and is a single parent

I wonder how I would be if I were still in the area? Miserable? Looking for something more to give my life meaning? Would I really have left everything to go back to school for my PhD? I don't know.

I do know that I was at a turning point in my life when I met Judy, and meeting her really put my future into perspective. Sometimes it's really hard to believe that I met her 5 years ago and that we're still together (dating 5 years in February). I guess what's most surprising to me is that she still wants to be a part of my life. Not only that, but that I can TELL she wants to still be a part of my life. It's just amazing to me.

As well as reflecting, I've been thinking about the future. What's next for us? Where will we be in 3 or 4 years when Judy gets her PhD and a job? What will we be doing in the years until then? I know that she and I will be together, and that we will love each other more with each passing day. I know that she'll take the job that's best for HER, and that I will happily go along for the ride and find an occupation that I enjoy--whether it's returning to school for my own PhD, getting a job, whatever.

I guess this is one of the few times in my life where I see positive things happening, despite all the negativity that has come at me (and her) over the past year, I know we'll be ok as long as we're together.

To a 2008 that brings positivity, joy, and wonderful memories to everyone!

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  1. i love you.

    this was a very nice post to read.



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