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I got a message that my car is almost done-- the paint was applied over the weekend and is now dry, and they are just putting the pieces back on (bumper, and I don't know what else), and it should be done in a few days. For some reason, the car dealer called Judy's phone number and not mine. Weird. So, today is Wednesday, I'm hoping it's ready by Friday! Judy will need to take it to San Antonio for judges' training. I'll use her car for Elgin's camp on Saturday.

Which reminds me, I am going to "trade equipment" with someone from San Antonio. He's going to bring up 10 or 20 silver poles that I will trade for 10 or 20 white poles. Fun Fun.

Last night was the first night back from winter break for my Elgin kids. Wow. We spent almost the whole night taping rifles and retaping flags. Seriously, it took 2 hours to do, then we only had about 30 minutes to work on basics, and not on show. Apparently Thursday night some of them need to work at the band's concession stand (money they make goes toward their band dues) so that's another 2 hours where I won't be able to work with all the kids. They better all be there Saturday. Anyone not at the mini-camp will not perform at the first show! Those are the rules, and I'm going to stick by them.

Apparently a lot of staff people are leaving the drum corps (it's only January!), and I see this as very problematic. I've never been a part of an organization where so many staff members quit so early in the season. Usually there might be one or two who through the course of the season leave for personal reasons or whatever, but... Well, to be fair, Brent got called back into military action, but most others just didn't want to do it anymore for a variety of reasons.

It's just all so odd. Especially when I see other similar groups seeming to have their act together and really growing stronger and more successful without so much of the BS I see here. This must be a sign of some sort, but I'm the stubborn type and really want to push through to try to make a positive impact.

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