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Got a new job! Woot! Working for Pearson as an Associate Project Manager. Salary, benefits, paid every 2 weeks, new position that I was hired for. Almost like the position was created just for me :-) I start off with 1 week paid vacation, and next year I get 2 weeks. I think the max it goes up to is 3 weeks, maybe 4. Anyway, I also get 10 paid vacation days plus 3 paid sick days-- if I would have started 2 weeks earlier, I'd have 5 sick days. Sweet! Days don't roll over though, which is kind of a bummer, but still plenty of time to take off and recuperate when needed.

So far I've been reading up on the project, finding out that there's a lot of redundancy. My immediate supervisor was talking to me on Friday about how she felt the same way, but was facing resistance to simplification of the process. Weird, but totally understandable. I'm still waiting on a computer and phone line, email access and my permanent cubicle. Right now I'm in a temporary cube. I don't know if they're going to wait until I get my permanent space to give me my computer and stuff-- I should find out soon, I guess.

The commute is a little longer-- dealing with a bit more traffic, but nothing horrible-- it's only about 15 to 20 minutes, about the same as when I worked downtown at UT. I can set my own hours, but they prefer if I keep something steady-- like 4 am to 12:30 pm. Not that I would do that, but as long as my hours are pretty much steady, I think it's all good. I'm thinking 7 to 3:30, but there are other considerations to make -- depending on what happens with my high school guard kids and the situation there. They want me to teach their guard class in the fall and that starts at 2:45. I'm sure I can work something out, eventually.

Apparently I have the option of working from home on occasion as well-- as several people have done that in my first week. This could come in handy :-).

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