My turn to Whine

So, I've been working with this high school program for the past year. Working hard to bring them a quality performance ensemble. I've had to fight for just about everything-- time, space, money to get the kids costumes for performances, etc. It hasn't been pleasant, or fun for me, but I do it for the kids, because otherwise most of them wouldn't be doing much of anything else. It gives them a chance to learn how to be a part of a team, to try something new, and to feel successful.

Last year there were 10 kids in the program. Then we grew to 12, then shrank to 8, which happens, because high school kids are fickle. I asked the program sponsor at the school to hold recruiting opportunities-- have a table and show some videos of performances during the school's "activity fair", take the group to the middle school to do a performance and have the kids answer questions and meet 8th graders who might be interested in joining the group. Every time I asked, I was told "oh yeah, we're working on that. I've contacted people." and nothing EVER HAPPENED. EVER! I'm not a school district employee, and I don't know the proper people to contact, and I even told this person that if he provided me the contact information, I would directly contact the people myself. I never got the information.

So this year, we have 6 kids in the program. We had 7, but one was removed to do a stand-still "speaking" role while the others performed around her. This was not my idea. Anyway...

Long story short. I'm no longer with the program, and it's only halfway through the performance season. I'm not gone by choice. I would have finished out the season.

Fuck it. I'm just too upset. I'm trying not to be, but I can't help it. I hate when people lie to me, and worst of all when they lie to kids.


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