A month later...

Wow! It's been a month since the last time I wrote something! That's a long time for me!

Anyway, what's happened since then?

Judy had surgery right before Christmas. Nothing major, just to see if her endometriosis was back, which it isn't. She had a fairly quick recovery. :-) Happiness!

Christmas was nice. I got a new video camera, and Judy got a new digital still camera (also takes video). Of course Judy got her Xbox 360 too! We've been playing Movie Scene It! and Fable II, plus a couple of games we downloaded. Super cool! I also got some new clothes for work and a new wallet and some games and stuff :-)

New Year's was kind of uneventful. We stayed home w/our friend Laura who came to visit from Pennsylvania! That was cool. Laura's fun :-)

The Winterguard had its first show this past weekend. We did pretty well with that, I think. Basically it's been a nice month or so. :-D That's my update!


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