It certainly has been a rough couple of weeks. Last week judy went away to a conference and i hardly spoke to her at all. It's been rough. I love talking to judy every day, and when it doesn't happen I get cranky. It also worries me when I don't hear from her and she's far away because I never know if she's ok or not. I know I shouldn't worry, but that's just my personality, I guess, or maybe it's naturaly to worry about the ones you love when you can't be with them?

This week? Well, let's just say I blew my top at people who didn't deserve it. However, I'm not too proud to apologize, and I did just that. I just hope my apologies will be accepted.

I was going to go into more detail, but that's probably not a good or smart thing right now. I'll just deal with the situation(s) as they arise.


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