Another Fun Weekend

Friday night: went to see Iron Man, figuring the crowds would have thinned out by now. Checked on the computer before we left and saw that it wasn't sold out, but decided not to buy tickets until we got to the theater. We left home around 5:30 because we figured we'd get something to eat before the movie. By the time we got to the theater (about 30 minutes later, as we decided to leave during rush hour, even though the movie started at 7:30 pm), the movie was sold out! NOOOOOOOO!!!

So, the only thing that wasn't sold out but that Judy and I had both talked about seeing was Kung Fu Panda, so we bought tickets for that. It was a decent film. Not to goofy, but still fun. There were tons more adults than kids in the audience, which was cool.

Saturday: Went to Elgin to engrave some equipment. Get there and realize that I must have taken the engraver out of my car at some point. Go inside, Frontier Drum and Bugle corps is rehearsing. I won't speak of that, but anyway, Jon is there, but he loaned his engraver to the middle school director, and the engraver is locked in the middle school. So we sit and talk about his website and show concepts/ideas for marching band, etc. Stick around for about an hour, then head home.

Sat. Night Judy and I go to Texas Drum Corps Preview at the capitol building in Austin. Impressed by the sound from all corps. talk about the variation in arrangements and how some really highlight all aspects of the corps' sounds, while others are lacking. Notice the lack of guard in 2 of the 4 corps, and wonder what's going on with that, but don't really care too much.

Wonder why Crossmen got rid of any red on their uniforms. Judy was angry about it. I liked the new look, but did think it was weird to see Crossmen without red!? It's basically their uniform from last year w/white trim instead of red. Haven't read DCP or RAMD yet to see if anyone else has mentioned it.

Sunday: Shopping for new beach shoes. Spent a great deal of time at this, as everything was super expensive, and limited supplies, so we wanted to see what was available. We both end up getting the same style of water shoe/sandal/whatever and spend $75 on each pair! YIKES! I decided to wear mine to work today, so I feel lik I'm getting some value out of them :-)

After shopping, we had been invited to a Party Barge on the Lake, so we try to get there. Directions say 30 minutes and a straight trip... well, it turned into at least an hour and getting lost on backroads, etc. Driving up and over a mountain in almost a complete circle to get to the place that wasn't accessible from the other side of the mountain where we started. The people were nice and waited for us to catch up to them. :-) Met some nice people from the Austin area, and they spent a lot of time trying to convince Judy to march their corps. They tried to talk to me, but I told them I was judging this summer so I wouldn't be able to march. They weren't pushy, though. Just joking around and stuff.

Went home, fell asleep. Woke up and now training on Microsoft Project for the next 2 days. Long lunch breaks though, which is how I found the time to post this!


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