Fun Weekend

Friday night Judy and I went to dinner and a concert with friends! We joined Lauren and Brian (who are newly engaged), and Robert and Leti for dinner at Serrano's, a tex-mex restaurant downtown. The food was decent. Apparently the mixed drinks were not strong, however. I had 2 beers, so I wouldn't know. Anyway. Decent conversation and fun were had!

Afterwards, we all walked a few blocks to Stubb's BBQ, which I guess is a restaurant, but is mostly known for it's live-music and outdoor "stadium". We saw Data Rock, a band from Hungary (or so they kept saying), and Ladytron. Interesting crowd! Robert bought us all tickets to this show, though I don't know why, so we paid for his dinner. :-)

Saturday we didn't do much-- sat by the pool for a little while, but not much of anything else. Judy went to see Sex and the City with friends (read her blog for more about that!) while I stayed home and worked on fixing my phone. It works much better now! :-) Love me some shareware and freeware!

Sunday we went to Schiltterbahn, my first time there. Judy took her nieces there last year when they came to visit. It was fun. All water rides! Some of them used "water propulsion" to shoot you UP ramps and stuff like a roller coaster. It was a blast, literally! Got a little sunburn, but nothing too bad. Lost a pair of cheap semi-broken sunglasses and bought a new cheap ($10) pair that are much better, in my opinion.

Today, dentist appointment to fix a broken tooth-- put on a temporary crown while mine is created somewhere. $225!! And that's only for 1/2. I pay the other 1/2 when I pick up my new crown and they put it in. Uggh. But, at least my smile will be much handsomer ;-)


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