I never thought my creativity would take the turn it has been lately.

Rather than writing poetry or short stories, I've been creating websites, updating code, working with some html, and learning a little bit about web-hosting, site development, and marketing to try to create brand recognition. It's quite challenging!

I am actually exhausted after spending about 5 hours trying to create a website that I'm happy with (I'm not happy with it) using iLife for the MAC. Because I'm not happy with it, I haven't uploaded it to the server yet, so the domain and server space I purchased today go unused and empty.

Things could have been easier if I had hired someone to do the work, but after several weeks of trying to get people to help out, I've decided to do it myself. It's 1 pm, and I started this adventure at around 2 pm this afternoon, so I've spent about 11 hours on it (5 actually creating the website, the rest trying to figure out what I was doing, and dealing with other issues involved).

BTW-- those hours don't include the 5 months prior to this where I've been creating Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk accounts and updating them, along with the blog for this venture which I also work on. Emailed friends and family. Pitched the idea, accessed temporary facilities for the endeavor, held an open house (alone, mind you. The other people who were supposed to help didn't show up). Stressed out, cried, sucked my thumb, drank too many sodas, and just wanted to give up a few times....

Oh yeah, plus I worked my "real" job and a 2nd job working with high school kids in the afternoons. It's almost like I'm back in college again! :-D


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