Solving Problems

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of work and investigation to solve a problem.

I'm thinking about trying some artistic endeavors involving some artistic and technological interests I have. This could become a problem as I have a tendency to overthink things and attempt to put too much into something that could be quite lovely if done with a modicum of restraint.

In other words, I try too hard sometimes.

My thoughts: How can art and technology be combined in a performance arena? In other words, how can living breathing objects incorporate technology into their performance-- not through lighting, or technology to help design the show (although that's part of it), but rather... I know what I want to say but the words aren't coming to me right now.

Example: Perform a piece to techno music-- music created and performed on computers or by computers, using props that symbolize or are actually constructed of technological advances (fiber optic cables, representative of iPods, mobile phones, etc.). Could the performers' costumes be made of pieces of technology, developed using technologically advanced fabrics and materials? What about creating blocking/staging through random pattern sequencing from a computer programmed to create such patterns...

A soundtrack that discusses online/internet usage, social media, how technology has helped and/or hindered our lives. Information overload? Information underload?

Lots of thoughts. I wonder what I can do with them.


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