Vacation etc

Well, the last week of June was VACATION TIME! WOOT! Judy and I headed out to Ocean City, MD to go to the beach. Judy practically grew up there during the summers when she was a kid, and she wanted to go reminisce, while showing me the greatness of OC.

But first we stayed with some friends after arriving in Baltimore around midnight because of plane delays. Then the next day we went to see her sister and grandparents for a little while. That was nice. Judy's been really worried about her grandparents since they've been having a lot of health issues this year. However, they looked great (for being 87 and 85, or somewhere around those ages), so she was relieved. Her dad also drove in from West Virginia, which was nice of him.

After that, we drove to OC and found our hotel-- Breakers on 3rd and the Boardwalk. It was a very nice hotel, and I think we definitely got our money's worth! Great space, nice decor, super comfy bed with awesome pillows, and a little balcony we could sit/stand on and look out toward the boardwalk and the ocean. The room was very comfortable, and for being busy and full of guests, the hotel was nice and quiet, also.

That is, until ... they showed up the family who were invited to come stay in our room for a few days... then it got super loud, and I just couldn't relax. They stayed for 3 days, and wanted to stay for the final day of our vacation, but I was like...."Well, thanks for visiting with us. Be safe on your drive home." and helped them pack up their stuff so we could have 1 more night alone.

But now it's 4th of July, and no kids to deal with, so I'm hoping it's a great weekend :-)


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