Research and Minnesota

I'm doing a lot of research for a new project at work. Research, research, research. I love doing it, but it does get boring sometimes.

"You love research? Why?" Well, I enjoy learning things. Getting all sorts of different perspectives on things and understanding why things happen the way they do or why certain ideas are more powerful than others. I also enjoy questioning what the information says and finding other sources that either back it up or dispute it. Then I enjoy taking all the information and making up my own mind based on the evidence presented. Yummy synthesis!

We're off to Minnesota this weekend for competitions in St. Paul and St. Peter. I'm coming down with a head cold (or possibly overly active allergies!) and that's going to make flying a bitch. But, I love Minnesota in the summer-- it's so pretty! Yes, I said Pretty.

At least Judy will be there this year, although no Cherie to make fun of people with :-( We'll have to take a picture in the tub like we did last year. lol. Maybe I'll post it if we do. It's also Judy's birthday weekend, so we gotta think of something to do that's fun. Hmmm...


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