Speaking My Mind

I've been told throughout my life to shut up and "not make waves." I've been told that my ideas are stupid and worthless. I've been told that all I ever do is speak negatively...

I am capable of speech and communication. I am able to get across complex ideas in a simple way that almost anyone can understand. If you want to listen/read, please do. If you don't, then don't. The only one I'm "making trouble" for is myself, and most times I'm not making trouble. If I am, it's not on purpose.

I have great ideas, but I also know when things aren't working, and I'll be the first to speak up if I feel that way. I'm not shy about it. I'll offer criticisms and constructive ideas to go along with them. If you only want to pay attention to the negative, whose fault is that? not mine.

I've never told anyone else to silence themselves if they feel something is wrong. I would never tell anyone their ideas are "stupid" or worthless. Complacency=stagnation and Silence=Death ($.02 to ACT UP) as far as I'm concerned.


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