Blog #1 Joining the Masses

So I've finally caved in and started my own online blog. I have a blog on myspace and xanga, and facebook.... I don't write in them much. I guess there's just some stuff I want to say that I don't necessarily want my friends and family to read. Or maybe I just think they won't care. Or maybe I just don't want to write on those sites.... who knows.

The past few days I've been hearing about how a new blog is started every half second. That's a lot of blogs. Hopefully mine will be of interest to me (if to no one else) and make the time to set this up worth it.

Thankfully it was easy to do. Not like in the old days of the interweb! Man, that was tough. I don't even need to remember any html or learn XML or java for this!

My next blog will be a bit of introduction and what not...

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